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Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation awarded highest four-star rating for two consecutive years in 2005 and in 2006.

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Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation
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Imagine a world in which cancer can be treated without disrupting life, can be cured, or can even be prevented

The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation (SWCRF) focuses on one of the most promising strategies for developing cures for many types of cancer.  It even offers hope for preventing cancer from developing.   Rather than kill cancer cells through the traditional treatments of chemotherapy and radiation, Foundation-supported research aims to reprogram chaotically growing cancer cells to behave normally.   This targeted treatment has minimal side effects on patients and enables them to maintain their normal life during treatment.  Cancer may one day become a chronic disease, loosely comparable to diabetes, where drugs will enable the patient to live a normal lifespan with a near normal quality of life.

Reprogramming is based on a detailed understanding of how molecular signals control cell behavior.  When those signals don’t work correctly, the cells may become cancerous.  Researchers focus on understanding the signals and then developing drugs to induce the cells to mature normally and die.  Since these drugs are precisely targeted at the malfunctioning signals, they cause relatively few side effects for the patient.  Because particular malfunctions often occur in more than one kind of cancer, the research has broad implications for many types of cancer.

SWCRF funded some of the earliest research that proved that cells could be successfully reprogrammed, leading to the cure of acute promyelocytic leukemia.  Since 2002, we have expanded our scope to support investigation in a wide range of cancers – lung, breast, melanoma, brain, colon, liver, pancreas, etc.  Our 60 scientists form a highly collaborative “Institute Without Walls”, in which they share information and tools to speed the pace of research.

Since inception, we have supported and trained more than 160 scientists by awarding over $65 million in strategically focused grants. 87% of every dollar donated goes directly to our outstanding researchers.


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