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Press Releases

  2009 - We Have, In Fact, Cured Some Kinds Of Cancer. It Is Just A Matter Of Time Till We Cure Them All
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  2009 - SWCRF-Funded Researchers Identify A Way To Dramatically Enhance The Impact Of The Most Effective New Treatment For Multiple Myeloma
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  2009 - A New Way To Improve The Effectiveness Of Chemotherapy Is Discovered In Colon Cancer Research
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  2009 - Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation Institute Without Walls
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  2006 Comedy Night Fundraiser
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  Three Village Times : September 8, 2000
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  Three Village Times : May 25, 2001
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  Samuel Waxman Research Foundation Newsletter: Fall 2005
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  Congresswomen Carolyn McCarthy Letter
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  State Senator Michael Balboni Letter
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  Long Island Jewish Hospital Letter
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  Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation Donation Letter
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